What Do You Do When Life Won’t Cooperate?

Every year January arrives and presents an opportunity to evaluate how we have done over the last year.

Oftentimes, we roll into January talking about having given ourselves grace over the holidays. We look for permission and acceptance for the choices we have made. This “holiday grace” may actually be an all year grace as roadblocks are placed in our path.

What if I told you that by applying the lessons from Dr Kashey, especially implementing the SRO model, you could show yourself respect and make decisions that still move you towards your goals—roadblocks or not?

This week’s client spotlight is Coach Huggy McNiff.

This year, Huggy has faced:

  • Spinal injury
  • Nerve damage
  • Cancer Scare
  • No workout for 9 months

And, all of this is on top of his depression and suicidal thoughts.

Whew! That is a lot for one man to handle! Thank goodness for TKN and life skills!

Huggy leveraged his aptitude (skills) that he has developed over time with TKN. He used the SRO model to put space between these stimuli and his response to influence the desired outcome: having a life worth living.

These aptitudes help build autonomy in decision making as these roadblocks pop up.

Huggy has built a great team around him, his affiliations. These affiliations help him when he is struggling to see around the roadblock, when he may need a reminder of how important he is to so many people. These affiliations also help him develop additional skills like tolerance to navigate these challenging situations.

Huggy faced these roadblocks and chose not to get a case of the F-its. Instead, he chose to focus on treating his body with respect by focusing on the pillars he could influence. He chose to get sleep. He chose to stay hydrated. He chose to focus on his nutrition and make choices that would still move him towards his goals, even when life was difficult.

Pics are exactly 1 year apart: Jan 18th 2021 (Left) and Jan 18th 2022 (Right).

And, I can assure you that he had plenty of pocket quesadillas to achieve these results!

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| Kaci

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