Kaci’s Quick Life Tips — Don’t “Reinvent the Wheel!”

🚨 New post series alert — Kaci’s Quick Life Tips! I’ll be sharing little nuggets and tidbits of wisdom to make life a little easier!

First up: Don’t “reinvent the wheel.” Meaning, if something works, no need to start from scratch! Take the idea and iterate. Now this principle can certainly apply in multiple ways, but I’m specifically going to chat about the arena of nutrition.

When it comes to planning meals, finding things that you enjoy (which also move you in the direction of your goals) is a big factor to success. That said, streamlining things so that it isn’t tedious is another big key. So it’s very helpful to find favorite meal templates when coming up with meals ideas. You can literally tweak a few basic ingredients, sauces and seasonings, toppings or side dishes, flavor pairings, etc. and have an entirely different meal from the same basic starting temple.

Easy button ideas:
💡Scrambles / omelettes (sweet or savory)
💡Stir fries / skillet meals
💡Soups / stews / chilies
💡Sheet pan recipes (meat plus veggies seasoned different ways)
💡Snack plates (think flavored deli meat like Boars Head, raw veggies, fruit, fun dips, crackers)
💡Shakes / smoothies / fluff (with toppings)
💡Salads (AKA the #MacroMicroBowl or #MuscleMash)
💡Sandwiches and the like (wraps / pizza flatbreads / crunch wraps / quesadillas)
💡Single serving bowls with toppings (think overnight / growing oats, mug cakes, yogurt or cottage cheese, dips)

Find some of your favorites, then find ways to iterate on them! It makes meal planning and prep so much easier!

Which idea from this list will you try?

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