#75Hard Day 1 {Vlog}

What have I gotten myself into!?
Click play below to find out!

This is something I’m sharing via Instagram, but I thought it would be fun to let you all follow along here! I am or may not end up doing a video daily. We will see how things go! I may drop the videos from Instagram to the blog when I have time, but will use the day # as the post title so you know where I stand! As of now, it is day 2 of the challenge. I will try to post the videos here the day after I have shared on Instagram. Again, it may just happen in batches depending on how crazy this ends up being. Priority will be to completion of the tasks first 😉

I am keeping a log to do a recap post as well! Video explains details and the caption below it also explains some of it!

#75Hard Challenge Day 1


#75Hard Challenge
▶️ Program c/o @andyfrisella
▶️ Support sister / inspiration for this c/o @won.d_fit

The gist and plans for 75 days:
1️⃣ Follow a healthy dietary plan, no cheat meals, no alcohol.
✅ For me this will look like no off plan foods (or what I’d call a splurge or treat meal) outside of what I normally consume; I don’t drink, so there’s no concern there.
2️⃣ Complete 2 (45 minute) workouts per day, one of them must be outdoors.
✅ I will plan to walk in the morning like usual, but will move it outdoors. I will lift in the afternoons per my usual, then either do another 45 minute walk or some other activity if I don’t lift.
3️⃣ Drink a gallon of water a day.
✅ Will fill up a jug and finish it daily.
4️⃣ Read 10 pages a day.
✅ Currently reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
5️⃣ Post a progress photo every day.
✅ Yikes y’all! #IDontSelfie but will learn!🙈🙊🙉


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