Weekly Quotes #3 {6/24/19 – 6/29/19}

A collection of thought-provoking, encouraging, enlightening, and inspiring quotes from various sources that I have come across this past week!

I get asked often for the references to quotes I use. This series is a way for me to keep track of and share the good ideas I come across each week! Where applicable, links are included in case you wish to dive deeper!


“What people say and do to you is much more about them, than you. People’s reactions to you are about their perspectives, wounds and experiences. Whether people think you’re amazing, or believe you’re the worst, again, is more about them and how they view the world.

Angel Chernoff (via email) of Marc and Angel Hack Life


“Are you just interested in achieving these goals, or are you committed?

Mr. Brown, what’s the difference?

If you’re interested, you’ll do what’s convenient… if you’re committed, you’ll do whatever it takes. You’ll let go of your stories. You’ll let go of your excuses.”

—John Assaraf via Impact Theory: How to Upgrade Your Mindset in 46 Minutes


“May you embrace the healing process that God has in motion right now. You can trust Him. May you notice the daily graces He provides. They’ll make your burden lighter. May you refuse to stuff emotions that keep trying to surface. They’re trying to tell you something. May you refuse the quick fix. You’re made for the long-haul, not just for the moment. Healing is a process and it happens in steps. So take the next step. May you boldly imagine by faith the new levels of freedom that Jesus won specifically for you. That Promised Land is yours! Have a great day.

—Susie Larson via her daily blessing email for 6/23/19 titled ‘Your Healing Journey’ (you can sign up for them here).


“It’s not, “What will get me results?”

It’s, “What will keep me showing up day after day?”

Because that ^^^^ is what will actually generate results.”

Jill Coleman via Twitter


“Do the thing that needs to get done to have the result. This is the hardest thing we do in life, and there are no shortcuts. But, there is a process. Just like in fitness new plan, you periodize (building in work and rest) and you systematically and incrementally chip away at your personal records (PR). The same is true in all other endeavors.

How you show up in one area of life is often how you will show up in others. If you want to make a difference for you and others, you have to be that difference first. Attack life like this and you will keep reaching new happiness and success PRs again and again.

Jade Teta; Human 365 June 25th


“I think it’s a framing problem because most of what people care about can be thought of as a skill. Well-being is a skill.”

—Sam Harris via Impact Theory episode 128


“People never become less fearful by avoiding their fears. The more we let one fear hold us back, the more that fear amplifies and the more additional fears we will be faced with.”

Jade Teta; Human 365 June 26th


“If you’re always available to everyone, eventually you’ll have nothing to give to anyone.”

—Craig Groeschel via the Life Church sermon The Good Work Part 4: Shut the Door on Distractions


“God has been tenderly reminding me that pain itself is not the enemy. Pain is the indicator that brokenness exists.

Pain is the reminder that the real enemy is trying to take us out and bring us down by keeping us stuck in broken places. Pain is the gift that motivates us to fight with brave tenacity and fierce determination, knowing there’s healing on the other side.

Pain is the invitation for God to move in and replace our faltering strength with His.

Pain is the sensation that indicates a transformation is needed. There’s a weakness where new strength needs to enter. And we must choose to pursue long-term strength rather than temporary relief.”

—Lysa TerKeurst via her Proverbs 31 Ministries Devotional titled Passing Through the Pain


“The more you work on yourself, everything else around you gets better.”

Felicia Romero via The Dynamic Lifestyle Podcast episode 158


“Positive thinking is important, so is watching how you speak and minding your habits, but… There is something much better than self-help—there’s God’s help.”

Levi Lusko I Declare War devotional via You Version Bible App


“Dream chasing makes no sense to someone without a dream.”

Jade Teta; Human 365; June 28th


“When it comes to your health, there are two things that you must master to experience lasting success.

1. You have to find the diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits that create YOUR healthiest self

If you never learn how to eat, train, and live in a way that supports your best physical health while leaving head space for mental and spiritual health, you’ll never have the full level of freedom in your life that God created you for.

2. You have to eliminate all fear, doubt, and confusion from your daily choices

If you want to do anything purpose-driven in your life and make an impact on the world around you, so you can be present for those in your life that matter to you… at some point, you need to deal with the constant worry, confusion, and stress you have around your health choices.

These two things are just truths.”

Laura Schoenfeld, RD via her email


“Small habits don’t add up. They compound.”

James Clear; Atomic Habits, page 253



Reader Questions:
1/ Do any of these resonate with you?
2/ What’s the best quote you came across this week?

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