He Came And Changed Everything

He came and changed everything…

Family time is so important. I am grateful that holidays like Christmas give us a good excuse to put everything on hold in the busyness of life, and prioritize quality time with those we love.

What about our Savior? If I’m being honest, it can often be difficult to connect to the depth of the gift we celebrate in Him in the midst of all the other holiday festivities.

Pause today and adore Him. Tell Him of your gratitude for His transformative power of restoration and righteousness. Reflect on His work in your life. Praise Him for what He has done and what He will do. Treasure it in your heart as Mary did, not simply observing and letting it pass, but storing there for future recollection.

He came and changed everything. We don’t always see it all at once, but if we keep it in our hearts, we see it in due time—a Baby with a humble birth, a Servant with a healing message, a Savior with a loving sacrifice, a Redeemer with the ability to overcome sin and death—He came and changed everything.

Merry Christmas ✨


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