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I was recently given the honor of participating in a project for a friend and coworker. He sent me a list of questions that several individuals will also be answering. They took me some time to complete as I wanted to answer them honestly and thoroughly. I’m an over-analyzer—in case this isn’t already obvious! Anyway, after all the time I spent it seemed like something I should share here. (If you are interested in seeing the completed project, check out details here!)

  1. What do you want out of life?  I think it is easiest for me to answer this with my personal mission statement. I am by no means living up to this at the current time, but it helps to anchor me to the person I would like to become.
    -To intentionally and consistently grow and mature in all aspects of my person; spiritually, relationally, emotionally, intellectually, and physically, that I may become healthy and whole.
    -To become increasingly effective in serving others in the love made possible by knowing and reflecting the heart, attitude, and mind of Christ.
    -To follow Christ as He directs me daily on toward my calling and purpose, trusting that He will work everything out for my good and for the glory of His kingdom.
    -To trust the leadership of my husband, who God has paired me with as companion, partner, and for our mutual edification and accountability.
    -To walk beside my husband through all his callings and endeavors, and to provide a supportive, encouraging, and peaceful atmosphere which fosters his success.
  2. Are you happy with where you are in life?  This is such a double sided question to try to answer! To say yes would be honest, as I am blessed in so many ways beyond what I could have ever asked for or even imagined. However, to say no is also just as honest, as I know I am still capable of more than I have accomplished at this point in my life. Both answers are tied to the same root issue—the desire for personal growth, my own personal standards and expectations of that growth, and my perception of whether I am meeting those standards at any given moment. I thoroughly enjoy myself in times of personal growth and progress, and conversely, am not content unless I know I am striving to give the best I have available to give at that point in time. The difficulty for me has been this: it is unrealistic to expect to be in a state of constant growth. Life is an ebb and flow of times. There are times the Lord designed for growth and progress and times which He designed for pause and rest. Unfortunately, due to the nature of being human, flawed by battles of the flesh, there are also times of stagnation. My contentment must lie in the fact that all of these times can be my teacher—if I allow them to.

    “Ancora Imparo” (I am still learning).

  3. What is it about you that you wish others could see?  I have been able to completely change the trajectory of my outcomes by starting with small, simple disciplines and applying them over time. This is something I desire for others to know and understand, because I believe they can use the same principles to influence their own circumstances and to create positive change within their own lives as well.
  4. Who are you?  A work in progress.
  5. What ignites your passion?  Seeing others develop healthy habits. I believe that our ability to achieve small wins consistently over time ultimately adds up to massive success.
  6. What experience has been the biggest factor in helping you to become the person you are at this point in your life?  Learning to put work into strengthening my mindset, practicing gratitude, and understanding the power of positive thinking.
  7. What do you hate the most?  Problems without adequate solutions and unmet needs.
  8. What do you love the most?  Feeling like I am capable of making a difference or have improved an outcome.
  9. What is your “Why”?  I am driven to solve problems, serve others, and advance the Kingdom.
  10. What three people have helped to make you who you are today? 
    -My husband: He holds me accountable to the standards he knows I’m capable of while still managing to encourage me in the process. He is “good iron” (Proverbs 27:17).
    -My Mother: I would not be who I am without the lessons she taught me and the love she poured into my life.
    -My high school Youth Pastor: He taught me the true meaning of what it means to be a follower of Christ and the importance of a daily quiet time with the Lord in the Word.
  11. At the age of 16, where did you think you would be in life right now?  Working in some kind of science related field, but I never would have imagined being a medical provider. I was too shy to picture myself in that role at that age.
  12. Describe yourself in one word.  Curious.
  13. What would you tell yourself if you could talk to yourself at the age of 16?  Start lifting weights NOW. Everything changed when I started lifting. Something about the process and discipline of training spilled over into other areas of my life. It started an upward spiral from which I have made more progress in reaching my goals than I could say I achieved from any other one activity. I was able to gain mastery over myself like never before and found a confidence that I never knew prior to weight training.
  14. What are five things you want to experience before you die?  I’d like to experience Yosemite and the Grand Canyon as an adult. I don’t think I fully appreciated them when I went as a child. I’d like to experience being debt free—I’m getting closer every day! I’d like to find the place where I know I’m serving within an intersection of my unique gifts and passions—truly walking in my calling. I’d like to experience working on and bringing to life a “Kingdom Project” with my husband—something that matters to others and will outlast our lives on earth. I’d like to travel without time restriction to all the places I’ve never been, but want to see. (Blog edit: as of this post, all school debt is paid off! All that remains is notes on property!)
  15. One phone call. Who? I guess this is based on either the scenario of if I knew I was about to die or if I were in trouble and needed help… Either way, I’d have to say my husband…but don’t tell my mom! Haha! (Blog edit: Opps, Mom I guess you will probably read this!)
  16. If you could ask God one question, what would that question be?  Who do You say that I am? I think His answer to that question might help me overcome all my future doubts and fears.
  17. What are the top three achievements you are proudest of at this point in your life? Building a strong foundation with my husband.  Overcoming several spiritual strongholds that Satan attempted to defeat me with. Learning to be happy in my own skin.Thinking-Out-Loud
    Thanks to Amanda for hosting the linkup!

Hopefully this has given you a chance to “get to know me” a little better.

| Kaci


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  1. lynnembw says:

    Thanks Byrdie for your lovely praise…and your husband is the one you should call. I love you. Mom

    1. I’m just going to hope for never having a scenario which requires having to choose! 🙂
      Love you Mommy Lady!

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