On Connecting With Those Around Us

I posted this picture the other day on my Instagram and on my Facebook page along with my ramblings. I honestly didn’t think that the thoughts I added to the photo caption would have such an impact, and was surprised by the number of people who read, liked, and commented. Sometimes I wonder how may people read long captions! Anywhooo…since it seemed to resonate with so many, I wanted to share it here…plus some additional thoughts😊

I’m a blessed lady…with @cheesemanco, I never have to wonder ❤️


My hubby left me this note on my dash so I would find it when I got in my car to go to work the other morning. Despite what the note says, the truth is that I really don’t have to wonder. Mostly because of things like this… small things that he does on a routine basis. Yes, I’m bragging a little (because duh!), but I wanted to share some thoughts I had after I marinated on this and the events that happened after on my way to work😊

We all get excited over the idea of big movie-like romance. Yes, even most men, regardless of how they act, do enjoy the idea of romance as well. The truth is that love isn’t so much about grand gestures or spending ridiculous amounts of money as it is investing in the relationship itself, as well as in the other person. It’s the little thoughts and considerations that really make the difference. Why? Because they are easy to do, but then they are also easy not to do…

Those little things that communicate to the other person something like:

“I see you and I get you.”
“It matters to you and so I care.”
“It wasn’t convenient, but I know you needed it.”

Those things that are “just because” and which are not expected are more valuable than the “big fancy” ever is.

This simple gesture made a big difference in the trajectory of my morning. I was slightly stressed when I got in my car to go to work. I was in one of those moods where literally (and unfortunately) all that would make the difference in my attitude would be the next thing I encountered. As soon as I saw that note, it was like a weight lifted and my mood shifted. It gave me a moment of clarity about what really mattered and I was able to snap out of my funk and decide to be happy. Interestingly enough, the next thing that I was going to encounter was a car accident which ended up requiring me to turn around and go several miles out of my way in order to get to work. Something I hadn’t given myself time for, because I didn’t expect it. The amazing thing was that the deposit that my husband made into my mental/emotional energy bank was enough to overcome the stress and worry that I had over if I would make it to work on time. Crazy right!? If you rationally consider it from the big picture, the small gesture of a note like that really should not have overcome the stress of being late to work. I hate being late, but considering that I had already called in to say that I was going to be late once in the last week due to traffic delays, I was really hoping not to have to do it again that day! So it was interesting to me that such a small positive thing could have such a big impact, even to the point of overcoming a larger negative event.

Please note I don’t mean to downplay the importance of the impact of the wreck on the people actually involved and I actually don’t know the details of the accident… Being late to work is trivial compared to what they had to deal with that morning, regardless of whether anyone was hurt or not. I do feel that needs to be said.


Ok, back to ramblings…

I’d also like to say that investing in another person is actually making an investment in yourself, too… assuming they view the relationship the same way as you do. I’ve seen women get a bit frustrated when they see a friend or coworker get flowers or a love note from their significant others, making comments like “I wish my boyfriend did that” or “Just wait until I get home and ask why I never get flowers.” Well ladies, have you ever considered getting the ball rolling? I’ve noticed in my relationship with my husband, that the fluffy stuff starts when one person *chooses* to get the ball rolling. Who cares who it is?! If you want to have those kinds of interactions, don’t wait for them… create them!

The truth is that our platonic relationships—even our interactions with strangers—operate on these principles.

Do you want a better day at work? Look for an opportunity to do something kind for a coworker. Missing a friend or family member who lives in another state and wondering why you haven’t heard from them in a while? Call, email, or text. Feel disconnected from others when you are out and about by yourself? Smile at a stranger and ask how they are? Seems small and insignificant, but you truly can make ripples on the world this way.

Effort and empathy over extravagance. Consideration and real connection over convenience.

No coincidence that these principles echo God’s mode of love for us and the kind of love He calls us to walk in… Just my 2¢


Reader Questions:
1/ When is the last time you had someone go out of their way to be kind?
2/ How did it impact you?
3/ Did it inspire you to look for opportunities to do the same?


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  1. pglooney says:

    This is such s great post! I don’t believe on karma or anything but I try to something kind for someone everyday hoping it will come back around. But even if it dosnt it makes me feel good and helps me be at peace with who I am!

    1. Yes! Helping others is the fastest way to happiness indeed 🙂

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