Crispy Squash “Chips” {Easy Recipe}

Just popping in with a quick recipe this week. It has been a busy week!
This is one of my current food obsessions…it is literally on repeat multiple times a week at my house right now!
How to make it:
Slice 1-2 squash (works with summer or zucchini) into thin rounds (about 1/8 inch thick), spray a foil lined pan with cooking spray, lay squash single layer, spray with more cooking spray, sprinkle with seasonings of choice (I used Greek seasoning), and bake at 425 until crispy. You’ll need to flip them several times over the course of baking.
Boom! Squash “chips.”
| Kaci


Reader Questions:
1/ Have you ever made your own veggie chips?
2/ What is your favorite kind of squash?

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