Healthy + Easy Crispy Sweet Potatoes


Just stopping in to share a ridiculously easy recipe-if you can even call it that!

healthy easy crispy sweet potatoes

Healthy + Easy Crispy Sweet Potatoes

Method: Slice a cooked sweet potato (I use the ones you steam in the microwave that I get at Wal-Mart). Heat some coconut oil and any spices you’d like (I used McCormick garlic pepper seasoning) in a pan (I love my T-fal) on the stove. Add potato slices and cook over medium heat until crispy. Flip and repeat. Drizzle with Annie’s ketchup and enjoy!

| Kaci

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  1. MMMM!!! I NEED to make these – immediately!! My bro and dad make something similar with potatoes and butter but…. I like the HEALTHY VERSION FAR BETTER!

    1. Girrrrl…I have been making these ALL THE TIME lately. Especially for weekend breakfasts along side some good yolk porn.
      Hi, my name is Kaci and I have a #breakfastpornproblem…. haha!
      Ahem, anyway… the moral of my immoral story… definitely do try them!!

      1. Ok, so after reading your post from today, I am going to have try this with primal essence coconut oils…

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