Checking In

A lot of people see the new year as a chance at a fresh start, and as such, use it as an opportunity for positive change(s). I have really started to move away from an “all or nothing” approach. I now (generally) consider it to be a less effective method, and have abandoned it in favor of an approach of moderation and balance. Let me be clear by explaining that I am certainly not looking down on anyone who benefits from such an approach. (In some very specific areas of personal struggle and in some other limited sets of circumstances, I continue to see the value and necessity of utilizing a rigid approach myself). There was a time when I needed tactics such as “fresh starts,” very well defined sets of rules, etc., in order to actually succeed when I set out to work on aspects of change and growth. Until new changes are practiced enough to become habit, or until a process becomes more natural, relying on objectivity can actually be quite advisable. My experience has just proven to me that it tends to be less sustainable in the long run. While this is the case, I still recognize and appreciate the importance that something like the new year can have when it serves as a trigger for renewed motivation.


Even if I now consider my approach to be one of consistent practice (#ProgressNotPerfection) more so than one of disruptive tactics in order to achieve progressive, sustainable changes, I most certainly still believe in periodic “check-ins.” They serve as vitals means of analysis in progress towards your goals, as well as an opportunity to re-evaluate their relevance. So, just like anyone else, I find that the new year is always a good trigger for this practice. I also feel that accountability is another key to success, which is what led me to “publicly” share some of my current goal setting and vision casting in a blog post.

Some of the important things on my agenda right now include:

  • Paying off all remaining debt, in order to remove limitations that having debt has placed on my life.
  • Maintaining progress in a healthy, balanced approach to fitness and nutrition (#Moderation365).
  • Increasing time spent engaging socially with family and friends.
  • Remaining actively engaged in spiritual growth.
  • To be a valuable and engaged support system for my husband, dedicated to the encouragement of his spiritual and personal growth, as well as the pursuit of his dreams, passions, and business goals.
  • Creating a positive impact in the lives of others.
  • Diving deeper into positive psychology and the concept of the happiness advantage.
  • Better defining my unique talents and skills, in order to refine and capitalize on ways to plug them where they may be needed as often as possible, in service and benefit to others.
  • Eliminating wasted time – time that is not used in a constructive manner. While decompression time is important, I need to be better about not wasting time under the guise of relaxing.
  • Routine master minding with my husband.
I do plan to share more on some of these, and other topics. (Meaning that I plan to offer further ramblings based on my own experiences. In the process, I’ll pass along links to resources and ideas from others, as well as provide scientific and evidence-based information in an attempt to tie up said ramblings more neatly, and package them for you into potentially useful tools). For more immediate purposes, the function of this post was to highlight some of the things I have been studying and/or pursuing with intention, and to lay myself out on the line (#SelfAccountability).


Today’s call to action:


Feel like going deeper?
Tell me what you think.


| Kaci

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