Weekly Quotes #14 {9/8/19 – 9/14/19}

A collection of thought-provoking, encouraging, enlightening, and inspiring quotes from various sources that I have come across this past week!

I get asked often for the references to quotes I use. This series is a way for me to keep track of and share the good ideas I come across each week! Where applicable, links are included in case you wish to dive deeper!

“I’m learning that much of what God calls us to do in day-to-day life isn’t all flashy and post-worthy. Instead, it’s ordinary, intended to be done quietly, with no spotlight drawing attention to it.”

Karen Ehman via her Proverbs 31 devotional titled Even When Nobody Notices

“1 Corinthians 13 on love, follows 1 Corinthians 12 on spiritual gifts. Rather than discussing a new topic, Paul is continuing his teaching on gifts by explaining to the church that LOVE is what makes our gifts useful to God.

So often, when we think about our gifts, talents, and abilities, I think it’s natural to associate our skill level as the goal of our gifts.

But what if we measured out gifts by our level of love that goes with them?

There’s nothing wrong with having skill, but Jesus didn’t say His disciples will be known because they’re the best. He said we would be known by our love (John 13:135).

Love must be our priority. And not just any love, but a love so pure that it cannot separate from truth.”

Michelle Myers via the swHw app (swHw = She Works His Way) September 9th 2019

“We are limited, but we can push back the borders of our limitations. An understanding of the principle of our own limitations. An understanding of the principles of our own growth enables us to search out correct principles with the confidence that the more we learn, the more clearly we can focus the lens through which we see the world. The principles don’t change; our understanding of them does.”

—Stephen R. Covey in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

“You become a true master of your life when you learn how to master your focus—where your attention goes.”

—Marc Chernoff (of Marc and Angel Hack Life) in the blog post titled 15 Little Things You Need to Focus on Less to Get Ahead Today

“The devil is vicious, but he’s not victorious. And you, my friend, have everything you need to defeat him.”

Lysa TerKeurst via her Proverbs 31 devotional titled Rendering the Enemy Powerless

“Confidence is the product of action, not the other way around.”

—Whitney Thore in her Ted Talk Living Without Shame: How We Can Empower Ourselves

It’s crazy how often I feel like I need to resolve some big problem in my life when all I really need is one of the following:

1. A glass of water.
2. A 10-minute walk outside
3. A good night of sleep

Three simple things that resolve many of the stresses and anxieties of daily life.

James Clear in his weekly email newsletter 3-2-1 Thursday (subscribe here)


Reader Questions:
1/ Do any of these resonate with you?
2/ What’s the best quote you came across this week?

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