#GiveMe30HabitProject 02.01.2020 {Reaction Filter}

Welcome to the 13th habit in the #GiveMe30HabitProject!! See this post for all the details and backstory! This month’s habit is to implement a “filter” for your responses to others!     This month’s habit challenge is designed to help you respond with grace and kindness to those around you—regardless of how you feel or what the situation…

S.O.A.P. Notes #2 {Hebrews 3:13}

Time for another SOAP Notes devotional! If you aren’t sure what I am referencing, see this post for a full explanation of this series! Today’s key verse is Hebrews 3:13 S: Encourage one another daily so that none of you is hardened (becomes insensitive to God) by sin’s deception [its cleverness, delusive glamour, and sophistication]….