Reverse Dieting Program

Please hear me: We are not meant to live in a calorie deficit indefinitely!! it just isn’t sustainable. If you haven’t reach your goal weight, but have seen your progress stall out, reverse dieting can be a method by which you fire your metabolism back up before resuming your diet. It is also great if you are done with your dieting phase via my Custom Macro Plan and want to come back up to maintenance calories and continue eating as much as possible without weight gain. I personally used a reverse diet approach when I first started tracking macros. Along with the #Moderation365 framework, a reverse diet helped me when I was recovering from ED and a terrible metabolic situation after years of under-eating.

I’m super excited to announce I’m offering #MasterTheReverse which is a Reverse Diet plan to my coaching options! Unlike my Custom Macro Plan which adjusts numbers monthly for 3 months, this program is offered at a month-to-month rate and allows you to receive adjusted macros on a 2 week basis (with the option of more or less frequent adjustments if needed based on your data)! See below for all the info + detailed Q&A! You can also email me with others questions if they aren’t answered!

Q: What is a reverse diet?
A: A reverse diet is a means of increasing your macros and calories gradually up to maintenance after a period of being in a cut/calorie deficit/dieting phase. It is also a useful tool to improve metabolic function for someone dealing with metabolic adaptation (lowered metabolism) from chronic dieting. The reverse dieting approach allows the body to adapt to caloric increases without jumping directly from a planned cut/caloric deficit (or chronic diet). This eases the stress/fear that many people experience surrounding weight re-gain after they have lost weight and drives them to stay in a perpetual caloric deficit/dieting phase (which is not sustainable long term).

Q: Who is it for?
A: A reverse diet is for anyone who wants to gradually increase calories to maintenance and/or build metabolism after it may have adapted to a lowered dietary intake. It is recommended for anyone who has stalled with weight loss and is not yet at their goal weight to take this type of “dieting break” approach in order to restore the metabolism before resuming a cut/calorie deficit. It is also for anyone dealing with negative biofeedback (hunger, energy, craving, mood, sleep issues, etc.) as a result of cutting/dieting. It is for those who are already familiar with macro/calorie tracking.

Q: How does it work?
A: After your program purchase, you complete an intake form, initial progress pics, and measurements for me to review. Macros are set based on this info and are then increased at routine intervals based on your body’s response (typically every 2 weeks, but it may be more or less frequent) as gauged by progress pics, weight, and measurements. The program can be purchased as a stand alone option (no coaching support) or stacked with my 1:1 #MealMasteryMentorship. Stacking with the 1:1 is not necessary but is highly recommended for troubleshooting, questions, and concerns. A one time 30 minute coaching call before the start of the program is included so that any questions can be answered and/or concerns can be addressed up-front. Coaching calls can also be purchased as needed for troubleshooting.

Q: What can I expect?
A: Weight should be tracked daily or at minimum 3x per week for the most accurate weekly average. Pics and measurements are to be taken every week. Biofeedback markers (hunger, energy, craving, mood, sleep issues, etc.) will also be tracked. This data will be sent to me all at once weekly in an email. An increase in macros or instructions to continue the week’s macros will be given based in the data.

Q: How long does it take?
A: The program is recommended for a minimum of 4-12 weeks and will vary based on how aggressive of a deficit you were in beforehand. The program offered at a month-to-month rate.

Q: Does my physical activity level need to change?
A: Ideally, I like to have my clients weight/resistance training 3-5x per week for health reasons and for optimal body comp (muscle mass/bone density/fat loss). The program does not include a workout program, but I typically recommend a 10k step goal regardless of which of my programs you are utilizing. I recommend not making any drastic changes to your activity level until after the completion of the program so each variable can be addressed and assessed independently. The exception being if you are currently over-exercising based on the intake questionnaire. In cases of excessive exercise, I will formulate a plan of tapering back activity to a sustainable level over the course of the program. I’ll also approach your macro recommendations with a slower and longer reverse pace.

Q: Will I gain weight?
A: Keep in mind that until you are at maintenance, you’re still in a caloric deficit. You may experience weight loss, maintenance, or even a slight increase. The beauty of this method is that we can pause the reverse at any time and wait for the body to adapt before resuming. We also end the reverse based on your goals and/or reaching your desired weight range or caloric intake.

Q: Who is is not for?
A: Anyone who is not wanting to track macros/calories. Reversing can be done with tracking, however, in that case, I would recommend my #MealMasteryMentorship. That program can also be used as a means to work on your food intake and/or mindset/relationship with food via email or voxer check-ins independently of tracking preferences. The Meal Mastery Mentorship program can be used for any nutrition goal whether it is physique related (fat loss, muscle gain, recomp, etc.) or mindset related (practicing the #Moderation365 approach, healing food obsession, learning how to eat in a way you enjoy, understanding basics of healthy eating, learning how to meal prep, etc.).

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, but aren’t sure, you can always email me to set up a free call to see if we are a good fit to work together and/or if this is the best program for you from what I offer.

If you are ready to join, simply complete your purchase via PayPal below. You will receive a welcome email with intake forms to complete and instructions on what to do next within 24-48 hours. Once forms are completed and returned, we will set up the call and the program will officially begin after!

Are you ready?! Let’s get growing!!

Master The Reverse (1 Month)

Monthly rate includes a ONE TIME intro call and once a week check-ins via email with feedback and macros adjusted every 2 weeks (more of less if needed based on data). This program does not include daily check-ins but can be stacked with coaching calls as needed or my 1:1 email or voxer options for daily support, questions, etc.

150.00 $