Work With Me!

I want you to imagine yourself five years from now…

There’s two different paths with two different outcomes. One finds you happy, in good health, financially free, growing towards your goals, and meaningfully serving and contributing to the lives of those around you. The other finds you right where you currently are—or worse yet, struggling with your health, relationships, finances, and no closer to the goals you have for your life.

How many times have you “started again” only to find yourself unable to stick with changing your habits once and for all?

Do you find yourself frustrated by trying to find time for healthy eating and physical activity amidst an already packed schedule?

Are you confused about what plan of attack to take towards reaching your goals?

Have you struggled with a dieters mentality, or finding a type of exercise that you enjoy?

Do you want to gain traction over your financial state, but can’t seem to break spending habits or don’t know how to approach paying off debt?

Are you discouraged by the lack of growth you see in your life, spiritually, relationally, personally, or professionally?

Again, I want you picture yourself in each of these two alternate futures. One if you continue down the same path, and the other if you can finally tackle some of these seemingly simple healthy habits once and for all.

I have found one thing to make the difference in these two alternate outcomes. It is surprisingly less complicated than you might think. It is going to work on small habits and tiny changes, which when compounded over time, create a massive difference over time.

Don’t believe me?

8 years ago, I was 6 figures in debt, desperately trying to find success at work, procrastinating on almost every chore imaginable, struggling in my first year of marriage, making terrible food choices, going through the motions in my faith walk, and had no desire to exercise on a consistent basis. I just didn’t believe I could ever change. I’d tried so many times and could make it work for a brief amount of time, but slowly found myself drifting back into my old habits each and every time. This wasn’t something that was happening on a conscious level, but conscious or not, I had accumulated quite the amount of convincing evidence as proof of why I would never change. Everything changed when I implemented just one habit consistently. That habit gave me a small win. It served as proof that I was actually capable of growth and change. The confidence that came from achieving one small win spilled over into all the other areas of my life in the way I never could’ve imagined. I did not know it at the time, but picking up the hobby of weight lifting at the gym (instead of inconsistent dabbing in cardio which I dreaded) completely changed the trajectory of my life. Over the last 8 years, I have paid off 6 figures of debt, have adopted a healthy mindset towards food, actually enjoy working out, and find myself continuing to thirst for growth and knowledge. The one thing that made all the difference was having a mentor. Through a series of small wins I started to believe that change was actually possible, and so I kept with the difficult things, until the change actually happened. From there on I was hooked.

Why coaching matters.

There’s an overwhelming amount of information floating around on the internet these days. It’s hard to know who you can trust. We all know that information is not useful unless there’s follow through with implementation. I know you are intelligent. I know you are capable. I know you have information. I also know that’s not enough. If you could do this alone, you would have done so already. I have seen the best results (both personally and in others) come when someone invests in themselves both financially and with taking a leap and outsourcing their sticking points to a coach. Regardless of where you are at in your journey, there is always someone who is further along and can help you navigate things more quickly than if you tried to do so alone. Trust me. I’ve spent thousands in mentors and coaching in the last 2 years alone, and I don’t regret having spent a single penny of those thousands. If anything, the value I have received was worth even more than what I invested.

Besides having walked through my own set of struggles in pursuit of physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial transformation before finally getting headed in the right direction on my health journey, I have also pursued a deep dive into further education and for the purpose of my own continued growth and growth of others.

What you need is someone who has not only walked through the struggles personally, but who is also well-informed and committed to ongoing study. I hold a Masters in public health and have almost 10 years of experience practicing medicine as a Physician Assistant. Prior to that, I earned my bachelor’s degree in nutrition and food science/dietetics. I have worked as a nutrition educator with the state of Florida, and planned on entering into a dietetic internship, before learning I had been excepted to PA school. I chose that route so that I could ultimately focus on health from a more holistic view.

I hold 3 specialty certifications through Metabolic Effect in hormonal health fat loss. I have also completed their as group and personal training courses which certify in the specialty of Rest-Based-Training.

I initially chose nutrition as my area of study because personal interest in wanting to learn more about how to apply it to my own life. I decided to become a Physician Assistant because I wanted to expand to include a more holistic approach to helping others become and stay healthy. After practicing medicine for almost 10 years, I realized that there is much more to health than the “medical” side of things… There’s even more to it than the additional layers of nutrition and exercise. You cannot separate the various aspects of your being spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, relational) from one another. They all serve one another either positively or negatively. Going to work on any one area will start to spill over in the other areas. Let this encourage you that you don’t have to attack everything all at once in order to accomplish all the goals you have across all of these areas. We just need to pick one and get started today! I believe that my personal history and educational background make me uniquely qualified to help others become the best version of themselves inside and out.

So how can you work with me?

I have several different options available (calls, text, email) at this time, but will be adding as I see demand increasing for specific services, so check back often!

For more details on my qualifications and background, click here and for more about my personal transformation, click here.

Please note that I currently have a limited number of spots for 1:1 coaching available as I want to offer each client the level of attention they deserve. I consider this to be an opportunity for in-depth and involved support.

My 1:1 coaching is currently offered as a monthly fee for all-access text communication. During specified hours, you have full access to text me and I will respond ASAP (within reason). You can use this for accountability, troubleshooting problems, questions, and so on. For this service, I ask that we focus on one specific goal at a time, as this is designed to be a deep dive in really tackling and overcoming something you haven’t been able to do alone. This approach is designed to empower you in gaining control of an issue once and for all.  I don’t believe you have to resort to relying on a coach for the rest of your life in order to be successful. After we have tackled one thing, we can then move on to the next, should you wish to continue services. My approach is to work on your mindset surrounding the sticking point, not just the process itself. My methods will include a focus on Biblical principles, positive psychology, taking action, encouragement, self-exploration, self-care, resiliency, growth mindset, and healthy boundaries, just to name a few.

Once you send the payment via PayPal, I’ll get an email and can contact you to schedule the starting day and exchange phone number information. If you prefer to discuss details further prior to purchasing, please feel free to email me!


1:1 All-Access Goal-Oriented Text Coaching

One month of access to me via text to troubleshoot a specific pain point, goal, habit, etc. I will available (at minimum) M-F from 11am-7pm CST. This gives you a 40 hour window of support each week. I will also respond outside those hours and on weekends when it is possible. Please note that holidays and vacations may require me to be less available to respond, but this can be discussed in advance and any “missed days” of support will be comped by extension to the end of the coaching timeframe (i.e. if I am unavailable for 2 “working days” of the month, I will extend the timeframe by 2 days to compensate you at no additional cost to you).


Please note: This is the highest level coaching option that I offer at this time. It is not about a quick fix or a diet. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach because I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. The content that I deliver will faith-based and filtered through Scriptural truth of God’s word. I believe in the power of a positive mindset and abundance. This is about freedom, not restriction. I believe that the Lord calls us to be free, but not so as to use our freedom as an excuse to live for ourselves. We have a limited amount of time to fulfill the purpose that the Lord has designed us for. I believe that health freedom encompasses mind, body, and spirit, and is a critical part of our ability to carry out His plan for us effectively.

Areas of focus may include, but are not limited to:

Overcoming a diet mentality, assistance with accountability, troubleshooting how to find foods that you enjoy which align with your health goals, troubleshooting how to find an exercise routine that you enjoy and which can fit into your busy schedule, applying God’s truth to your health journey, replacing unhealthy behaviors with healthy behaviors, how to overcome a limiting belief system and negative mindset, how to plan healthy meals, how to streamline meal prepping, how to control spending and formulate a debt payoff plan, how to make time for self care, how to make time for growth, how to honor God and your partner with your marriage.

This is not another program which leaves you dependent on a coach indefinitely. This is about me leaving you to be able to troubleshoot and navigate your journey without getting derailed. Everyone needs some assistance getting to that place when they initially start, but my goal is to make my clients capable to handle everything on their own at some point. I want to get you to the next level and to give you the tools you need to continue your journey upward from there. Think about how you would feel being able to trust yourself to navigate difficulties on your own at some point. That is what I plan to do… To empower you with the skills and the tools you need to finally overcome all those things you never thought you could and then maintain a happy, healthy, enjoyable, sustainable lifestyle.


Grocery store “tours” can be purchased for individual or group rates. I do limit groups to a maximum of 3 individuals, as I find that any more than that does not provide you with as much quality and focused interaction. I will meet you at a local store of your choice (further driving distance to meet in person is also available for an additional fee). We will “tour” the store however you’d like and you can ask as many questions as you have about things that you can come up within the time we have together. This could be looking for healthier alternatives to your favorite indulgences, time-saving shortcuts for meal planning and/or prep, what things to look for or avoid based on your goals, how to spot false marketing, any questions you might have about ingredients, products, etc. Nothing is off limits! I am also available via FaceTime for those who are not local so that you too can take me with you to your grocery store and we can interact live in real time. I will also provide you with a list of my routine grocery list items and some of my favorite easy healthy recipes!

Once you select your option (see below) and send the payment via PayPal, I’ll get an email and can contact you to schedule the trip. If you prefer to discuss details further prior to purchasing, please feel free to email me!



Grocery Store Tour

30 Minute (Individual, local)



Grocery Store Tour

60 Minute (Individual, local)



Grocery Store Tour

60 Minute Group (Up to 3 people, local)



Grocery Store Tour Extended Travel Fee

Please add this for any option you select from the above which would require me to travel out of Baldwin County/or over 20 minutes from my home (Daphne, AL).



Grocery Store Tour

30 Minute Facetime Tour (Individual, any location)



Grocery Store Tour

60 Minute Facetime Tour (Individual, any location)




I offer in-home consultation for local individuals (further driving distance is available for an additional fee). This option is similar to the grocery store tour, only I will meet you at your home to answer questions and troubleshoot concerns. This can include running through your pantry and refrigerator items to discuss possible healthier alternatives, cleaning out, decluttering, and/or getting rid of anything which we find does not align with your goals, organizing your kitchen for streamlined meal planning and prep, etc. I will also provide you with a list of some of the most useful kitchen tools and tips I have come across, as well as my staple pantry and refrigerator healthy living items and necessities! I am also available via FaceTime for those who are not local so that we can interact live in real time in a similar manner.

Once you send the payment via PayPal, I’ll get an email and can contact you to schedule the day and exchange further information. If you prefer to discuss details further prior to purchasing, please feel free to email me!


2 Hour In-Home Consultation (local)

This includes a 2 hour in-home consult with 1-2 individuals (the second person would ideally be to accommodate your spouse or roommate who would be involved in supporting your goals). Price includes my travel to local areas only. For distances outside of Baldwin County/or over 20 minutes from me, please add additional travel fee. Additional services/extension of timeframe can potentially be accommodated for additional fees.



In-Home Consultation Extended Travel Fee

Please add this for any home location which would require me to travel out of Baldwin County/or over 20 minutes from my home (Daphne, AL).



2 Hour In-Home Consultation (FaceTime)

This service features the same content as the in-person consult, but allows me to talk to you in real time live format from a distance.




This is a fee-per-question service. Because email is the most time consuming method of communication, fees are a bit higher. Please understand that I give DETAILED responses and take time and care to try to offer various perspectives so that you can troubleshoot the problem or idea in a individualized manner. No cookie cutter responses.

Once you send the payment via PayPal, I’ll get an email and can contact you to get your question. If you prefer to discuss details further prior to purchasing, please feel free to email me!


Email Q&A

I will respond with an in-depth answer to your topic of choice; works best for things like mindset, nutrition, fitness planning and/or approach, recommendations for programs that may fit you from other professionals (paid and free), how to get started with a habit, etc. Fee includes one question and up to 2 email responses from me (in the event I need to email you more clarifying information from you in order to adequately respond) to answer your question.




Specific question or just want to pick my brain for a bit? This option might be for you! Ask me anything related to your health and wellness goals or from the various growth topics I outlined above. This is also a great option for anyone who has follow up after an in-person or FaceTime meeting, or for a text-access or email client who wants to chat on a deeper level.

Once you send the payment via PayPal, I’ll get an email and can contact you to get your phone number and more information on what topic(s) you want to cover, if you know in advance. If you prefer to discuss details further prior to purchasing, please feel free to email me!


30 Minute Coaching Call

30 minutes to discuss the topic(s) of your choice. Please note, in order to make the best use of your time, it is helpful if I know what general topics you want to discuss ahead of time.



Client Testimonials:

From email / text coaching clients:

“It is such a joy to receive your emails. Thanks for being so consistent and encouraging. It really would be so fun just to go grab a cup of coffee.”


“I have so appreciated your vulnerability – in sharing with me and in sharing on different blog posts. (That’s why I feel like I can ask you deeper questions).”


“It encourages me to hear from you. Thank you!”


“Kaci… You are amazing!!  Truly, God has given you the gift of communication.

“You are SO RIGHT and insightful in regards to how I approach well, everything…

“I feel like you have hit on a ton of practical tips, and I could keep asking you question for days.  😉  It is amazing (well, I know it is the Lord) that everything you have said makes so much sense to me.  I can follow your thinking and your ideas make a lot of sense to me.”

“I have prayed each time I’ve sent you questions, and you must have prayed before you responded.  The Lord is using these responses to encourage me on in my journey.

“Hi Kaci. Thank you so much for taking time to correspond with me. I love getting your emails!”

“Your feedback is helpful, and you have a great way of communicating what I am trying to say. 😉  Honestly, I’m surprised at how much we have in common.

More personal testimonials coming soon!



My personal physical transformation:

32 years old vs 19 years old..


17 years old vs 30 years old…