Client Transformations & Testimonials

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Client Testimonials
(From email / Voxer / Stronger Together coaching clients):

“The money that I paid to hire you, all of it was worth it (just for) yesterday…”

—New Voxer client in reference to what we chatted about on day one of coaching

“You are an answer to prayer!”

“It is such a joy to receive your emails. Thanks for being so consistent and encouraging. It really would be so fun just to go grab a cup of coffee.”

“I have so appreciated your vulnerability – in sharing with me and in sharing on different blog posts. (That’s why I feel like I can ask you deeper questions).”

“It encourages me to hear from you. Thank you!”

“Kaci… You are amazing!!  Truly, God has given you the gift of communication.”

“You are SO RIGHT and insightful in regards to how I approach well, everything…”

“I feel like you have hit on a ton of practical tips, and I could keep asking you question for days.  😉  It is amazing (well, I know it is the Lord) that everything you have said makes so much sense to me.  I can follow your thinking and your ideas make a lot of sense to me.”

“I have prayed each time I’ve sent you questions, and you must have prayed before you responded.  The Lord is using these responses to encourage me on in my journey.”

“Hi Kaci. Thank you so much for taking time to correspond with me. I love getting your emails!”

“Your feedback is helpful, and you have a great way of communicating what I am trying to say. 😉  Honestly, I’m surprised at how much we have in common.”

More personal testimonials coming soon!