Macro Friendly Mondays — Cut Da Carb Turkey Hot Dogs! 🌭

Got another easy lunch idea coming your way featuring Cut Da Carb flatbread and Applegate turkey hotdogs. See this post for a pizza recipe! Macro shown include the toppings listed. Nutrition info and ingredient labels for the hotdogs and Cut Da Carb flatbread shown if you swipe. See notes below for variation ideas! See this post for details on the Cut Da Carb flatbread!

I honestly could not tell you the last time I had eaten a hotdog before making this recipe. Even though these were turkey hotdogs, they tasted just as good as I had hoped! I really could not tell any difference. Both the hotdogs and the flatbreads have phenomenal nutrition labels! I’ve included pictures of those below.

🥣 Ingredients:
👉🏼1/2 of a Cut Da Carb flatbread (fold the whole flatbread in half so you get two 5×6 inch pieces, then use one of those per instructions below)
👉🏼2 Applegate turkey hotdogs, cooked per package (I pan cooked but you can grill)
👉🏼28g sweet onion, sliced
👉🏼 5g (2 tsp) yellow mustard
👉🏼20g (about 1.5 tbsp) dill pickle relish
👉🏼 34g (2 tbsp) Sir Kensington’s ketchup
👉🏼15g (1 tbsp) light Miracle Whip

👩🏻‍🍳 Instructions:
1️⃣ Divide the 5×6 inch flatbread half in half again so you get two 2.5 x 6 inch pieces. Those are your hotdog “buns.”
2️⃣ Play some uncooked hotdog in each of the “buns.”
3️⃣ Add sliced onion and condiments.
4️⃣ Enjoy!

📝 Notes:
‼️ If you want more “bun,” you can use an entire flatbread so that you have half of it for each hotdog. You can either wrap it entirely around everything, or double it up in the same shape shown in the picture. This will add an additional 40 cal, 7C, and 2P.
‼️ You can omit or add any toppings or condiments of choice. I like these wit tomato and cheese too.
‼️ Feel free to use a different flatbread or a different brand of hotdog, but keep in mind nutrition will change.

📌 Save for later and share this post with a friend who might want to try it!

Reader Questions:
1/ Have you tried Cut Da Carb before?
2/ Are you a hotdog fan?

| Kaci

PSA: My #MacroFriendly posts can be used as as ideas for those who use a #MindfulMacros approach (AKA not tracking, but structuring meals based on how their body responds best to protein, carbs, and fat) as well. This is the goal place for some to reach after they learn the ropes by tracking for a period of time. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to find your forever way to eat!

If you are interested in getting support with nutrition and habits, head here for more info, or email me here!

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