#MacroFriendlyMonday21 — Carrot Cake Protein Pops! 🥕🍰

If you haven’t made @makeyourmark_fit Carrot Cake Bars yet, do it! (Recipe here). I made them twice in one week! I also brainstormed a way to go next-level with the leftovers… Cake pops!! I mean, who doesn’t love bite-size desserts?!

I made a few tweaks to the base bar recipe (see ingredients below). Again, check out @makeyourmark_fit’s page for full recipe and instructions!

I highly recommend the Califia Farms Almond Milk Holiday Nog flavor if you can find it and The Ambrosia Collective Chai Spice Planta Protein for this recipe! See below for what they look like!

Mark also has several other variations on the bar recipe you should check out on his page! Brilliant idea to add riced cauliflower to the bars, because #VolumeFood! I have been adding it to everything lately! I also have a recipe coming soon of my own for PB bars!!

For the Cake Pop Bites:

All you have to do is crumble a serving of the bars and mix in the frosting in with the crumbled bars. Then roll into balls! I also successfully used this method, but instead adding the icing to use as a binder, used a scoop of The Ambrosia Collective Chai Spice Planta Protein (which is what I used to make the bars as noted above), and they held together beautifully! You can use any plant based protein if you don’t have the Ambrosia Planta protein. The Chai is a seasonal/limited flavor so snag it fast! You can store these in the fridge or the freezer.

Reader Questions:
1/ What’s your favorite #MacroFriendly volume food?
2/ What’s your favorite cake flavor?

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