Meet Heather! {1:1 All-Access Goal-Oriented Health Coaching Client Spotlight} + 2 Openings For New 1:1 Clients!

I’d like to introduce you all to Heather, one of my “graduates,” aka former 1:1 all-access text accountability coaching clients!

When she came to me, she was working out fairly consistently & had made some efforts at changing eating habits. She just wasn’t seeing further results on the scale (or with the way her clothes fit, which is a better indicator of body comp change). She was frustrated, worried that she’d made as much progress as she could.

She recognized that I‘d gone through a similar journey, & reached out to me to see if I could help. What I found after I talked to her more was she was not eating enough for her activity level & needed to adjust her training some to better suit her specific goals. She trusted me enough to add in more of the right foods, adjust her training a bit, & she quickly started seeing progress again, ultimately losing 65 lbs & 8 dress sizes!! But, the real win, in my opinion, in addition to reaching her goals, is her ability to maintain them & her healthy habits for the last 5+ years!

While working with me, she was able to maintain a healthy balance with her diet, even enjoying evenings out with her husband & rest days from the gym. She made it a consistent lifestyle change instead of a crash “all or nothing” program. She has continued to maintain her exercise habits despite working 10+ hour days, wife duty, mom duty for two young kids, working on an advanced DNP degree, etc. Point being, she has a typical hectic schedule like most of us, but has still found a way to make a lifestyle which involves physical activity & moderation. She’s even trained for & run multiple 1/2 marathons. She’s learned to pivot her exercise to match each season of life as it comes & to stay excited about the process. To me, that is a successful client testimony.


So, with that all said, I am excited to announce that I currently have just opened up a limited number of spots for 1:1 coaching! What does it entail? Glad you asked! All the details are below, and if you’re interested in learning more, I’d be happy to hop on a call & we can decide if we would be a good fit to work together! See here for all coaching options that I offer. Also, feel free to share this someone who might be interested!


So how can you work with me?

There are two ways of working with 1:1 clients that I offer, depending on the level of coaching you are interested in and are able to invest in (time and monetary).

The first option is a once-daily check-in (Monday-Friday) via email, and the second is a platform called Voxer which allows real-time text, audio, and photo communication (very much like a text message on a smart phone, only anonymous) so that you are able to troubleshoot things in multiple ways in real time. I have a very limited number of Voxer spots open at any given point in time since this requires me to essentially be on call during “business hours.” It allows for a more personal aspect given that voice talking in real time is a lot like having a coach on the phone when needed. You essentially get a coach in your pocket!

The email option is the route more choose to go due to lower investment in terms of time and money. With either route (email or Voxer) you essentially get all the same support in either route, answers to questions, ability to troubleshoot things that come up over the course of the day, recommendations on how to adjust things on a day to day basis, ongoing product/nutrition/exercise/resource recommendations, etc., but with a 24-hour turn around time in the case of email vs more immediate (within reason) responses via Voxer.

There are several programs I offer, but the two most popular are the 1:1 Habit-Based Goal-Oriented Coaching Mentorship (where we focus on a specific goal at a time from a habit-based system) and the 1:1 Meal Mastery Mentorship Coaching (targeted specifically towards your nutrition goals, healthy mindset surrounding food, ending the “diet” or deprivation mentality, finding a way of eating that you enjoy, while also targeting any personal physique change goals you may have, also from a sustainable, habit-based approach). See below for FULL details on both of these!

With either option, I also provide you with a membership to Dashing Dish, which helps to streamline the process of healthy cooking, meal planning, exercise, and more. This membership is normally a monthly recurring fee subscription, but it is free to you as long as you remain enrolled in one of my monthly 1:1 coaching programs!

I have several other add-on or stand alone options which are also available at this time (coaching calls, grocery store tours, email Q & A, individualized macro plan, etc.) and will be adding as I see demand increasing for specific services, so check back often!

For more details on my qualifications and background, click here and for more about my personal transformation, click here.


So, for more details on each program, if spots are currently available, and pricing, head here:

1:1 Habit-Based Goal-Oriented Coaching Mentorship


1:1 Meal Mastery Mentorship Coaching

If you prefer to discuss details further prior to purchasing, please feel free to email me! We can set up a free call to see if we are a good fit to work together!

It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from, all that matters is that you take the first step & trust me with the rest. Are you ready? Let’s get growing! And remember to feel free to share this someone who might be interested!

| Kaci



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