Cereal School Review

I wanted to share a review of a new food find today! The Cereal School low carb, high protein cereal!!



My friend and former co-worker, Chasity was kind enough to share a bag of each flavor with me to try before I ordered. Can I just say how much I miss having a work buddy to swap new healthy food finds with!? Besides being the best MA you could ask for, she is also someone who enjoys my love of lifting and healthy protein treats. But, despite losing my work buddy, I am happy she found a new job she is enjoying!

OK, enough reminiscing, I’ll get to the deets!

It comes in two flavors: Cinnamon Bun and Fruity. It is gluten free and soy free, and uses stevia, monk fruit, and erythritol to sweeten. This means 0 sugar and only 5 net carbs!

We will start with the obvious thing everyone will be wondering—is there a stevia taste/aftertaste? Nope! Not at all! There is no bitter taste with the kind of stevia they use, and I am very particular about stevia.

A serving has 8g of protein and only 70 calories. It is made with pea protein and I’m actually very happily surprised that they used pea fiber instead of some other questionable fibers that you will find in many protein products. I also appreciate that the package contained the amount of the product it listed—my Cinnamon Bun and Fruity both contained 29g and was listed as 28g. I like to know I’m getting what is listed. i measured package volume by weight with my kitchen scale. Other products I have checked for accuracy have under or over-delivered and this is either disappointing in the case of too little, or while a great value, still dangerous in the case of too much as you can over consume calories without knowing it. See this post for info on how inaccurate labels and nutrition stats can be.




  • Cinnamon Bun:
    10/10 for sure. Could not believe how good it was. Totally exceeded my expectations. Strong cinnamon sugar flavor with the melt-in-your-mouth effect that I remember getting with buttered cinnamon sugar toast. Wonderful crunch. They cereal-ously nailed it with the sweetener combo 😂


  • Fruity:
    7/10 on this one. I think I expected more flavor from the way everyone raved that it tasted like fruit loops. Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but not as strong of flavor as I hoped. Still a great crunch and sweetness.


Price is a tad high, but when you consider that most protein bars are $2-4/bar and this is just a different form of a protein bar, it is comparable. My real hope is that local stores will start carrying them so people can buy them without having to buy in bulk. If you buy 24 bags or more, shipping is free.

They were not set to expire for almost a year on the label, so no worry about shelf life.

Bottom line:
IT WAS AMAZING and I highly recommend it! I ordered 2 boxes of the Cinnamon Bun 😉
I am hoping they expand with more flavors and can’t wait to see what is next! I have been enjoying mine as a treat after lunch or a snack.



7 Comments Add yours

  1. Maggie says:

    I already have a thing for cereal!! Must try. 😋

  2. Norma Alferez says:

    I just got my variety bundle….they had been out of stock for like a few months and they are made the new and improved way….well I hated both flavors, the stevia aftertaste is too much and I feel like Iam chewing on hard styrofoam…its money back guarantee so I have already emailed them asking for refund….do not recommend and will not try again, they should definitely have sample packs before we spend $50 on 24 bags..

    1. I was so worried when I saw they changed the cereal. It seems like any time a company does that the product only goes downhill. I am so glad you share this feedback with me, because at the price they are per box, I was hesitant to re-order. It really bums me out to know that they are not good anymore, but I’m glad for your sake that they have the money back guarantee. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the new version! I still have half of a box of cinnamon left and will be savoring them until they are gone 😂

  3. Kim says:

    Tried the cereal school for the first time today and could not swallow the first spoonful it tasted disgusting!

    1. I hate that they changed it. I haven’t ordered since the original kind because everyone keeps saying the new version is terrible!

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