Recommended Recipe: Dashing Dish’s Pizza Chicken Salad



Who doesn’t love PIZZA?!!

My lunches for the last week were so good, I had to share! I is no secret that I love Dashing Dish recipes! I made the Pizza Chicken Salad for my lunches at work, and it was amazing! Plus, so much healthier than pizza! If you are looking for another healthier pizza option, check out my Deconstructed Subway Salad Pizzas!!


Katie’s recipe called for tomatoes, which I left off. I think it would be good, and usually put tomatoes on my salads, but seeing as how I go through a pint every night as part of my current dinner on repeat, so I was making an effort at variety!

How I used this recipe for meal prep:

  • The recipe is single serving, so I purchased/made 4x the ingredients needed since I was planning for 4 lunches.
  • I roasted my veggies (broccoli and butternut squash) and then divided them up between four Tupperware containers (see below) along with a serving of prepared pesto chicken (I used pre-made pesto chicken from Mellow Mushroom by ordering 4 carry out cups), turkey pepperonis, and Parmesan.
  • I subbed the marinara sauce in Katie’s recipe for pesto tomato paste I happened to find at Walmart. Since I used pesto chicken, I thought it would be fantastic and it was! I put it in a container then added water to thin it when I was ready to eat it.
  • I bought a bag of romaine and baby greens for each day.
  • When it was time to eat: I dumped the salad greens and pepperoni in a bowl and used a pizza cutter to chop them (I use an OXO Salad Chopper and Bowl at home but I keep a 99 cent pizza cutter and bowl at work for my chopped salads). I warmed the  toppings (chicken and veggies, not the pepperoni) in the microwave for 1 minute. Then I added them into the bowl with the salad and choped again!
  • Finally, I added my “dressing,” tossed everything and dug in! 😋Note: Nutritional value as shown in my photo varies from here as I added some extras.




pizza salad
This is what the original looks like! (Photo Credit: Dashing Dish)


How I divided up the ingredients for work (minus lids)


I couldn’t really taste a pesto flavor, but still good!



Reader Questions:
1/ What is your favorite pizza flavor? (As a kid I LOVED taco pizza)
2/ Pineapple: pizza sin or pizza win? (I love it on BBQ chicken pizza or ham and pineapple)
3/ Thin crust, thick crust, stuffed crust, or deep dish? (for me, depends on the flavor, but no stuffed crust)
4/ Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Dominoes, Hungry Howie’s, Little Caesar’s, CiCi’s Pizza, Mellow Mushroom, or other? (Mellow Mushroom)


I hope you are having a wonderful SaturYAY!

| Kaci

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  1. Lynne says:

    That looks really good.

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